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English-Hindi > calked

calked meaning in Hindi

calked sentence in Hindi
• कांटा
• चूल
• नाल
• दर्ज भरना
• नाव की सेंध भरना
1.Her under planking was nicely joined, and the seams calked with cotton wicking, and afterwards filled with white-lead paint and putty.

2.He gradually worked his way to the front rank of showland with his menagerie, calked " Beast Show " and establishing his winter quarters in Norwich.

3.:As his foot pressed the half-damp, half-dry seamosses matting the place, and a chance phantom cats-paw-- an islet of breeze, unheralded, unfollowed-- as this ghostly cats-paw came fanning his cheek; as his glance fell upon the row of small, round dead-lights-- all closed like coppered eyes of the coffined-- and the state-cabin door, once connecting with the gallery, even as the dead-: lights had once looked out upon it, but now calked fast like a sarcophagus lid; and to a purple-black, tarred-over panel, threshold, and post; and he bethought him of the time, when that state-cabin and this state-balcony had heard the voices of the Spanish king's officers, and the forms of the Lima viceroy's daughters had perhaps leaned where he stood-- as these and other images flitted through his mind, as the cats-paw through the calm, gradually he felt rising a dreamy inquietude, like that of one who alone on the prairie feels unrest from the repose of the moon.

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