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calkin sentence in Hindi

"calkin" meaning in Hindi
  • Calkins'average speed was 128.325 miles an hour.
  • Howard Calkins, pastor of Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Mt.
  • Calkins'over-involvement peaks at the beginning of school.
  • Calkins said as he surveyed the wreckage in the garage area.
  • "It fractures their attention, " says Calkins.
  • Capt . Tom Calkins said as the firefighters fought back tears.
  • Calkins began to make plans for furthering her education in psychology.
  • Calkins was born and raised in the Lacombe, Alberta area.
  • The sale to Calkins became official on February 1, 2007.
  • Calkin was employed in the Morgan Iron Works for five years.
  • Calkins Bridge Dam provides electricity for the area and recreational opportunities.
  • Calkin was the second child in a family of seven siblings.
  • Calkins drove conservatively early in the race to stay out of trouble.
  • Textbook drive Sorry, but Buzz Calkins is not your average racer.
  • "Every book has a song, " says Calkins.
  • But Calkins has played every minute of every Breakers game.
  • Boston drafted Calkins in the ninth round and Tissue in the 15th.
  • Calkins agreed that the appeal of violence can't be underestimated.
  • Key Additions : Zhang Ouying ( Norway ) and Kim Calkins
  • San Diego picked Kim Calkins ( Portland ) in the waiver draft.
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