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English-Hindi > campsite

campsite meaning in Hindi

campsite sentence in Hindi
1.Each campsite is nothing more than a cleared, flat area.

2.Rollins would bring out a barrel of chickens to the campsite.

3.The campsites were routinely closed for the season late last year.

4.A prayer leader hikes along the gravel path skirting the campsites.

5.There are still another 50 to 60 campsites throughout the park.

6.Why were the campsites so thoroughly cleaned up before authorities arrived?

7.The campsite is about one-half mile from the highway.

8.When you arrive at the campsite, the tents are ready.

9.Includes equipment, food and campsite ( bring sleeping bag ).

10.The National Park Service has evacuated 200 campsites on Ocracoke Island.

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a site where people on holiday can pitch a tent
Synonyms: campground, camping site, camping ground, bivouac, encampment, camping area,

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