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English-Hindi > canticle

canticle meaning in Hindi

canticle sentence in Hindi
1.Q : Tell us about " Blood Canticle ."

2."Blood Canticle " by Anne Rice ( Knopf)

3.A few months after finishing " Blood Canticle,"

4.Psalms, canticles, and other resources are also found here.

5.A prayer is followed by psalms, canticles, and readings.

6.The original canticles are normally only sung on weekdays in Lent.

7.The hymn is based on the, the canticle of Simeon.

8.The ELLC versions are used for items such as the Gospel canticles.

9.Here are the list of the bibilical canticles with their traditional names:

10.Two folios at the end of the Canticles have been cut away.

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a hymn derived from the Bible

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