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English-Hindi > cantilever beam

cantilever beam meaning in Hindi

cantilever beam sentence in Hindi

कैन्टीलीवर धरण
cantilever    बाहुधारक ब्रैकट
beam    किरन कड़ी चौड़ाई
1.The total frame behaves as a cantilever beam when subjected to lateral loads.

2.For a cantilever beam, the fixed support has zero rotation and zero displacement.

3.For a cantilever beam, one boundary is clamped while the other is free.

4.The bond strength can be evaluated using double cantilever beam or chevron respectively micro-chevron tests.

5.Sunier et al . change the structure of aforementioned U-shape cantilever beam by adding a curved-in support.

6.The location of the current loop enables a more uniform Lorentz force distribution compared with the aforementioned U-shape cantilever beam.

7.123 . " Simulation of Large Motions of Nonuniform Beams in Orbit, Part I-The Cantilever Beam, " J . Astr.

8.Very sensitive optical and capacitive methods have been developed to measure changes in the static deflection of cantilever beams used in dc-coupled sensors.

9.The process continues as the underground stream repeatedly undercuts the cave walls, inducing collapse of the weight-bearing cantilever beams resulting in a wider passage.

10.As an example consider a cantilever beam that is built-in at one end and free at the other as shown in the adjacent figure.

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