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English-Hindi > cantor

cantor meaning in Hindi

cantor sentence in Hindi
1.Gerald and Iris Cantor, patrons, Beverly Hills, Calif.

2.He spent eight years at Cantor Fitzgerald specializing in government bonds.

3.If Cantor loses good people, they will lose market share.

4.Lutnick joined Cantor Fitzgerald in 1983 following his graduation from college.

5.The Brooklyn Museum has also benefited from the Cantors'largess.

6.The man told Kostman he was Eddie Cantor's cousin.

7."That's like being a cantor ."

8.This is Cantor Jaime Shpall's first Hanukkah in Austin.

9.Arthur Cantor Films . $ 24.95.70 minutes.

10.They also appeared in the 1927 Ziegfeld Follies with Eddie Cantor.

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the official of a synagogue who conducts the liturgical part of the service and sings or chants the prayers intended to be performed as solos
Synonyms: hazan,

the musical director of a choir
Synonyms: choirmaster, precentor,

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