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English-Hindi > capacitance

capacitance meaning in Hindi

pronunciation: [ kə'pæsitəns ]  sound:  
capacitance sentence in Hindi
• धारिता
• समाई
• गुंज़ाइश
1.The burglar alarm works by monitoring the capacitance of the plant.

2.Anode-grid capacitance is not especially low in these designs.

3.The low capacitance will not pass much of an RF signal.

4.The relationship between capacitance, charge and potential difference is linear.

5.However, it employed capacitance rather than magnetism to store information.

6.In CMOS circuits, gate capacitances are charged and uncharged continually.

7.The DC capacitance is of interest for discharge applications like photoflash.

8.Nuvistors were very small, reducing stray capacitances and lead inductances.

9.The capacitance component of the secondary side circuit is also increased.

10.Like the SPF format, SPEF includes resistance and capacitance parasitics.

an electrical device characterized by its capacity to store an electric charge
Synonyms: capacitor, condenser, electrical condenser,

an electrical phenomenon whereby an electric charge is stored
Synonyms: electrical capacity, capacity,

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