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English-Hindi > capillitium

capillitium meaning in Hindi

capillitium sentence in Hindi
1.The gleba consists of mycelium, and basidia and may also contain capillitium threads.

2.The capillitium is thick-walled, unbranched, and 4 7 ?m thick.

3.Both the spores and the capillitium are whitish to very pale yellow-brown.

4.The capillitium refers to late-maturing, thick-walled cells in the gleba.

5.Kreisel, in his 1967 monograph, proposed two subgenera based on the type of capillitium.

6.A capillitium or pseudocapillitium is lacking.

7.The network of fertile tissue inside the inner peridium, the capillitium, arises from the columella.

8.The capillitium is 5 8 ?m in diameter, reddish brown, thin walled, nonseptate, without any branches.

9.The flexibility of the capillitium gives the gleba a cottony texture that persists even after the exoperidium has been sloughed off.

10.Meylan thought the species warranted a new genus based on the unique mode of dehiscence and the makeup of the capillitium.

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