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English-Hindi > captivate

captivate meaning in Hindi

captivate sentence in Hindi
1.And they are giving the World Cup semifinals a captivating story.

2.Frydman was captivated by Durwood and his dream of going international.

3.She was captivated by the fact he had connections in Hollywood.

4.And he too seems captivated by her effusive, playful personality.

5.The impact on the jurors seemed clear; they looked captivated.

6.And weaving these captivating soundscapes of damaged romance, adult romance.

7.He watched all the missions and was totally captivated by them.

8.Right now it's captivating the whole race ."

9.Even with no defenders present, it was a captivating display.

10.Images will be sharper, and more captivating, supporters say.

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attract; cause to be enamored; "She captured all the men''s hearts"
Synonyms: capture, enamour, trance, catch, becharm, enamor, beguile, charm, fascinate, bewitch, entrance, enchant,

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