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English-Hindi > capuchin

capuchin meaning in Hindi

capuchin sentence in Hindi
1.And he took the sacrament of Confession with the Capuchin friar.

2.He was taken to a Capuchin convent in the Argentine capital.

3.Along with the Capuchins, she promoted churches in her kingdom.

4.The white-headed capuchin also uses tools in other ways.

5.Other species of capuchin monkeys are also trained in this manner.

6.Important natural enemies of the capuchin are large birds of prey.

7.The Capuchins were willing to accept de Lellis as a candidate.

8.The church is administered by priests of the Franciscan Capuchin Order.

9.In 1602 he was elected vicar-general of the Capuchins.

10.The Capuchins in India and their superiors in Rome elected Fr.

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monkey of Central America and South America having thick hair on the head that resembles a monk''s cowl
Synonyms: ringtail, Cebus capucinus,

a hooded cloak for women

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