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English-Hindi > carburization

carburization meaning in Hindi

carburization sentence in Hindi
1.Roman iron-working was enhanced by a process known as carburization.

2.Their method was something similar to the method of carburization of wrought iron.

3.The process of carburization works via the diffusion of carbon atoms into the surface layers of a metal.

4.This can be combated with carburization, though it does not produce even carbon distribution, partially defeating the purpose of folding.

5.Concurrent with the transition from bronze to iron was the discovery of carburization, the process of adding carbon to wrought iron.

6.For applications where great control over gas composition is desired, carburization may take place under very low pressures in a vacuum chamber.

7.Metalsmiths from this era had already developed a crude version of modern metallurgical processes, notably the hardening of soft iron through carburization.

8.Acetylene is sometimes used for carburization ( that is, hardening ) of steel when the object is too large to fit into a furnace.

9.Although Roman iron-working was enhanced by a process known as carburization, the Romans are not thought to have developed true steel production.

10.Between each heating and folding, the steel is coated in a mixture of clay, water and straw-ash to protect it from oxidation and carburization.

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