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English-Hindi > cardiorespiratory

cardiorespiratory meaning in Hindi

cardiorespiratory sentence in Hindi
1.It can be cardiorespiratory fitness, strength fitness or even flexibility.

2.The preliminary cause of death, he said, was cardiorespiratory failure.

3.Alfaro's cause of death was originally listed as cardiorespiratory failure.

4.His cause of death was originally listed as cardiorespiratory failure.

5.The cause of death was cardiorespiratory failure, said his wife, Ginny.

6.On August 1, 2010, Lebr�n died from complications of a cardiorespiratory infection.

7.Cardiorespiratory fitness helps improve lung and heart condition, and increases feelings of wellbeing.

8.De la Fuente died of cardiorespiratory arrest on 31 March 2006 in Mexico City.

9.There are many benefits of cardiorespiratory fitness.

10.They found that the treadmill exercise expended the greatest energy and provided the best cardiorespiratory training.

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of or pertaining to or affecting both the heart and the lungs and their functions; "cardiopulmonary resuscitation"
Synonyms: cardiopulmonary,

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