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careen sentence in Hindi

"careen" meaning in Hindi  
  • She has let this independent counsel thing careen out of control.
  • Her references careen from Ionesco to patent leather G-strings.
  • Marion s car careens off the road and into a stream.
  • His ship is badly damaged and careens towards the planetary mass.
  • Slush careens straight off Lankershim Boulevard into your CD player.
  • The plane soars through mountain passes and careens over a pristine snowfield.
  • Moreover, the problem continues to careen out of control, they said.
  • It's off the court that his life careens out of control.
  • Some careen, with a dry rattle, into the bordering palmetto jungles.
  • Careens though the city, jumps onto the freeway, cruises at 65.
  • Nobody could careen through it as entertainingly as Chan.
  • That much seems clear enough, but Aczel quickly careens into murkier territory.
  • Or a teeth-rattling careen through a bobsled turn at 70 mph.
  • As the movie careens into its second hour, your indulgence gets overtaxed.
  • They watched the parading platform hit a curb and careen out of control.
  • Forklifts careen around corners with giant barrels of ink.
  • They then headed for the Grand Caymans to careen.
  • It's probably good public relations as the nation careens to the right.
  • It won't careen out of control.
  • What : The runaway train is a roller coaster that careens through desert scenery.
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