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English-Hindi > carroty

carroty meaning in Hindi

carroty sentence in Hindi
1.Sklandrausis pastries are regarded as a symbol of the sun, given their round shape and carroty yellowish-orange color.

2.Tonbridge is also the location of Carroty Wood, an outdoor activity and residential centre run by Rock UK, offering groups of young people the opportunity to try out a variety of outdoor activities.

3.Suddenly, something strange happens : the carrots begin to follow him wherever he goes, lurking in the dark corners at night ( he hears " terrible, carroty breathing " ) and disappearing before they can be seen by anyone else .  Deborah notes the contrast demonstrated throughout the story,  The book balances menace and absurdity in this strange tale of vegetable stalking, playing up the contrast between the genuinely spooky elements and the unassuming threat .  She also goes into detail about the images in the book .  Glossy black borders and smudgy pencil outlines lightened only by paler gray and set off by the orange of the carrots to provide a smoky Halloween flavor to Brown's nocturnal art, and the scenes are dense with creepy silhouettes and foreboding shadows.

resembling the bright orange of the root of the carrot plant; "a boy with carroty hair"

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