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English-Hindi > castellation

castellation meaning in Hindi

castellation sentence in Hindi
1.He also completed the castellation and erected the Raleigh obelisk nearby.

2.This is topped by battlements of which some have pyramidal and brick cube castellation.

3.The black castellation round the arms marks the college's location on Castle Hill.

4.It describes the porch as " unusual " because of its flat roof and castellation.

5.The roof is double-pitched with parapets and castellation ( or crenelations ), creating numerous complexities and hidden flat areas.

6.Both drew on elements of castle architecture such as castellation and towers, but served no military purpose and were solely for display.

7.The crest is a demi-lion proper, wearing a castellation Azure on its head and holding a sprig of leaves Vert in its right paw.

8.The north and south walls have a high parapet that is finished in a wide castellation with regularly spaced piers which stop short of the top of the parapet and are finished with a gabled cap.

9.Within the walled garden stands a single two-storey pyramid-roofed garden pavilion originally taller with castellation and one of a pair which flanked the surviving arched and castellated entrance gate into the enclosed front garden.

10.An alternate form of color bars is the 100 % Color Bars pattern, or RGB pattern ( sometimes called full field bars ), which consists of eight vertical bars of 100 % intensity, and does not include the castellation or luminance patterns.

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