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English-Hindi > casting couch

casting couch meaning in Hindi

casting couch sentence in Hindi
• कार्यालय का सोफा जहां अभिनेताओं से काम देने के एवज में शारीरिक संपर्क किए जाएं
• कार्यालय का सोफा जहां अभिनेत्रियों से काम देने के एवज में शारीरिक संपर्क किए जाएं
casting    प्रक्षेप ढली हुई
couch    खाट तह परत पलंग
1.He also took advantage of the casting couch to seduce women.

2.He has turned the movie itself into the casting couch.

3.Believe me, the casting couch is no myth ".

4.The English equivalent is probably the " casting couch ".

5.Some supporting roles are decided by auditions, others on the casting couch.

6.Then get home and hit the casting couch.

7.It's enough to make a producer miss the days of the casting couch.

8.Angel pulls out the figurative casting couch and tries to change Enrique's mind.

9.The casting director asks if he will do nudity, implying a casting couch scenario.

10.Some jobs in Hollywood I got by regular means, others it was the casting couch.

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