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English-Hindi > castigation

castigation meaning in Hindi

noun plural: castigations   
castigation sentence in Hindi
1.Those in the industry would take issue with that castigation.

2.So you have all of this castigation of the industry.

3.So does this self-indulgent self-castigation.

4.There would be no audience castigation or humiliation here.

5.They write me letters of insult and castigation.

6.This is the ultimate castigation an orthodox Hindu can mete out to a son.

7.I grant that the castigation factor has been ramped down to " callous ".

8.Local shame can undermine their authority a lot quicker than President Bush's castigations.

9.Later on, this type of financial castigation was used on several other rebellious newspapers.

10.Notably missing in his remarks to a Dutch television interviewer was the ritual castigation of Israel.

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verbal punishment
Synonyms: chastisement,

a severe scolding
Synonyms: earful, bawling out, chewing out, upbraiding, going-over, dressing down,

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