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English-Hindi > casting machine

casting machine meaning in Hindi

casting machine sentence in Hindi

• ढलाई मशीन
casting    प्रक्षेप ढली हुई
machine    कल बाइसिकिल मशीन
1.It is here that the design of continuous casting machines may vary.

2.The first patented vacuum casting machine and process dates to 1879.

3.Commercial spin casting machines are available in two different types, front-loading and top-loading.

4.As a result, B�hler started designing and constructing its own die casting machines.

5.I just hope I don't run up against the casting machine.

6.There are thousands of pneumatic hot chamber die casting machines.

7.This describes a'curved apron'casting machine; vertical configurations are also used.

8.Some sixteen months later McLouth was operating a " straight stick " casting machine.

9.In 1950 John Guest had already developed his first prototype hollow pressure die-casting machine.

10.In June 2010 the installation began of the first continuous casting machine at the plant.

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