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English-Hindi > cathexis

cathexis meaning in Hindi

noun plural: cathexes   
cathexis sentence in Hindi

• भावाभिनिवेश
1.Once through the cathexis stage, the work of love begins.

2.Peck seeks to differentiate between love and cathexis.

3.Cathexis is what explains sexual attraction, the instinct for cuddling pets and pinching babies cheeks.

4.However, cathexis is not love.

5.Freud saw the early cathexis of objects with libidinal energy as a central aspect of human development.

6.Five original music videos were made and compiled into a video called " Cathexis ".

7.Screaming and vomiting may occur as the catharsis of emotive expression breaks down the cathexis of stored emotions.

8.Cathexis is the process of investment of mental or emotional energy in a person, object, or idea.

9.This identification is later complicated by the object-cathexis that forms as a result of the mother s breast.

10.He loses this power when Bruce Banner uses a recalibrated Cathexis Ray to remove the powers of the newly created Hulks.

(psychoanalysis) the libidinal energy invested in some idea or person or object; "Freud thought of cathexis as a psychic analog of an electrical charge"
Synonyms: charge,

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