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English-Hindi > causatives

causatives meaning in Hindi

causatives sentence in Hindi
1.Lexical causatives are apparently constrained to involving only one agentive argument.

2.Many causative constructions involve the semantics of two or more parameters.

3.Lexical causatives ( 4 6 ) do not imply this meaning.

4.Confirmation of this theory awaits the discovery of a causative gene.

5.Sputum Gram staining and culture can also reveal the causative microorganism.

6.As such they are no longer considered to be causative genes.

7.It is one of the causative agents of Dutch elm disease.

8.Subsequently it was shown to be the causative agent of malaria.

9.A significant subclass of class 1 weak verbs were causative verbs.

10.However, no causative mechanism has been found for this correlation.

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