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English-Hindi > caviling

caviling meaning in Hindi

caviling sentence in Hindi
1.Enough already with the whining and the finger-pointing and the perennial caviling about this ethnic group and that.

2.A president takes a bullet two centimeters from the heart, and fifteen years later left-wing historians are caviling about the 25th Amendment?

3.While we're caviling, how come the " West Wing " writers had President Josiah Bartlet do a double take at the term leaf peeper?

4.Naturally, no holiday invitation to Gracie Mansion, implicitly acknowledging the legitimate role that a caviling press plays in municipal life, ever came this way on Giuliani's watch.

5.After I told Moore I was caviling, she suggested I switch to thermography ( for a reduced price of about $ 300 for stationery, and $ 112 more for business cards ).

6.No aggrieved patient or financial donor _ according to Mack, there are none _ has appeared before the Committee, which has listened exclusively to caviling from several of Mack's Medical School colleagues.

7.Despite the caviling of critics that the poem fell short of its original model, the conclusion to be drawn from its persistence for a century after its original appearance is of a popularity outlasting his other works.

8.Admittedly, in the past 10 months the American public has been bombarded with " sick " ( our President caviling his way around the truth ), " sicker " ( Linda " The Wire"

9.Should Bush get elected president next year, it is not caviling to say that those 200 people are more likely to get a phone call through, and possibly even get a favor returned, than, say, I will.

10.If I were in a critical frame of mind, there would be no end of caviling : here an unevenness in 64th-note passages, there the loss of an inner voice, elsewhere a failure to differentiate timbral qualities between sections.

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