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English-Hindi > chaffinch

chaffinch meaning in Hindi

chaffinch sentence in Hindi
1.Chaffinches and robins are the most common species in the woodlands.

2.The chaffinch is still a popular pet bird in some European countries.

3.:Yes, the wood pigeon recently overtook the chaffinch.

4.Chaffinches, nightingales and other songbirds can be heard in the early summer.

5.Taxonomically, there are no officially-recognized subspecies of chaffinch within Belgium.

6.The steep-sided chaffinch, treecreeper and nuthatch, throughout the year.

7.The Beck flows into Cator Park, where it is joined by the Chaffinch Brook.

8.The chaffinch breeds in much of Europe, across Asia to Siberia and in northwest Africa.

9.The English naruralist William Turner described the chaffinch in his book on birds published in 1544.

10.The eggs and nestlings of the chaffinch are taken by a variety of mammalian and avian predators.

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small European finch with a cheerful song
Synonyms: Fringilla coelebs,

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