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English-Hindi > chafing dish

chafing dish meaning in Hindi

chafing dish sentence in Hindi
chafing    विशल्कन
dish    डिश थाली पदार्थ
1.Keep hot foods hot with warming trays, chafing dishes or crock pots.

2.Do you need to rent portable burners, tables, chafing dishes, utensils, glasses?

3.Heat chicken breasts and sauce, place in chafing dish and garnish.

4.You can put this in a chafing dish or serve immediately.

5.Transfer to chafing dish or fondue pot and keep warm over low flame.

6.Heat butter in chafing dish or large skillet until foaming and lightly browned.

7.Serve warm from a chafing dish or fondue pot with corn chips for dipping.

8.It is easier to lose a check than a chafing dish in the mail.

9.All the cooks I knew had a chafing dish expressly for making and serving fondue.

10.Foods are safest when served at room temperature or kept hot in a chafing dish.

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a metal pan over a heater; used to cook or to keep things warm at the table

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