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English-Hindi > channel bar

channel bar meaning in Hindi

channel bar sentence in Hindi

जलमार्ग रोधिका
channel    तंग समुद्र चैनल तह
bar    छड़ सिटकिनी डंडा
1.Presently there is a longitudinal channel bar remaining in the quarry.

2.Channels could be displayed in a Channel Bar and made heavy use of Dynamic HTML.

3.BBC World is the best international channel bar none, and that is not just my view,

4.Channels could be displayed in a Channel Bar.

5.They have been categorised into levee, flood basin, channel bar / point bar and paleo-channel deposits.

6.When this mid-channel bar is deposited at the mouth of a river, the flow is routed around it.

7.The sites on the channel bar include ones produced by Walt Disney, Time Warner and Microsoft's online offerings, among others.

8.The company's channel bar, however, will still be part of Windows 98, just one click away from the first screen.

9.NeoPlanet was the first browser to include sophisticated bookmark management, what was referred to as the " Channel Bar ".

10.Microsoft said it does not expect to include the " Channel Bar " in upgrades or future versions of Windows 98.

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