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charbon meaning in Hindi

charbon sentence in Hindi
1.Charbon and other mineral mines were also found in Beaumont.

2.Centennial Coal operated the Charbon coal mine until its closure.

3.Many owners are abroad " and only they have a key, said Ms . Charbon.

4.Centennial Coal Company Ltd . said Wednesday it has agreed in principle to sell 5 percent of its interest in subsidiary Charbon Coal Pty.

5.These include Siberian plague, Cumberland disease, charbon, splenic fever, malignant edema, woolsorter's disease, and even " ".

6.The line is booked out of use north of Charbon Colliery, but is able to be opened for charter services to operate as far as Kandos.

7.Yukong also was recently appointed Charbon's agent for coal sales to South Korea, which include a long-term contract with the Korean Electric Power Corp.

8.SONICHAR ( Soci�t?Nigerienne de Charbon ) in Tchirozerine ( north of Agadez ) extracts coal from an open pit and fuels an electricity generating plant that supplies energy to the uranium mines.

9."I'd say the value of the stolen diamonds is at least l00 million francs ( dlrs 3.1 million ), " said Monique Charbon, a judiciary police spokeswoman.

10.In 1946, the government announced its intention to increase production in Belgium's important coal mining industries by inaugurating a " Battle for Coal " ( " Bataille du charbon " ).

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