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charco sentence in Hindi

"charco" meaning in Hindicharco in a sentence
  • NOTE : El Charco is about 105 miles south of Acapulco.
  • People from surrounding villages continue to trek to El Charco.
  • It was not immediately clear how many people live in El Charco.
  • The June 7 shootings at El Charco brought the EPR back into focus.
  • In the west is the lagoon of Charco Verde.
  • Tourists may explore the flora and fauna found in the Charco Verde Nature Reserve.
  • Brincando el charco es una pel�cula del a�o 1994 por Frances Negr�n-Muntaner.
  • An Army patrol stood by on a nearby bluff overlooking El Charco, maintaining watch.
  • On Sunday, Army soldiers fought for six hours against EPR rebels in El Charco.
  • He also made copies of these for the community of Charco de Pantoja in Morole�n.
  • There are also a number of fresh water springs including Santa Rosa and Charco del Tigre.
  • El Charco is a town that has always demanded services, like potable water, electricity, jobs,
  • When bullets started flying, the villagers said, they fled into the tropical hills around El Charco.
  • Additional army troops rode into El Charco in armored vehicles or arrived by helicopter once the shooting started.
  • The Associated Press reported, though, that no local townspeople were among the dead at El Charco.
  • The main bodies of water are Charco Blanco, Dolores, Santiago, San Ignacio and La Honda.
  • Its nearest neighbours are the villages of Guatiza and Charco del Palo, both about 3 km away.
  • Other patients were ordered to bathe in mud at another sacred site, a pool known as El Charco.
  • The attorney general's remarks about El Charco may signify a new hostile attitude against the PRD here.
  • El Charco residents said EPR units had been visiting the village at least once a month since last August.
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