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charcoal drawing sentence in Hindi

"charcoal drawing" meaning in Hindicharcoal drawing in a sentence
  • The earliest Mondrians in the show are three charcoal drawings from 1914.
  • A gallery of early charcoal drawings and watercolor nudes invites closer examination.
  • David Waldorf's small, febrile charcoal drawings have the sensitivity of seismographic charts.
  • But one set of charcoal drawings is particularly dear to Couturier's heart.
  • The animation was accompanied by charcoal drawings and prints of birds.
  • Approximately 100 years ago, they made charcoal drawings on the walls of caves.
  • She was particularly pleased by a charcoal drawing of her reading a book,
  • He also produced some charcoal drawings of trees and park-like country.
  • In pencil and charcoal drawings that he titled informally _ " Bad dream,"
  • "' Charcoal drawings "'were exactly that : drawings executed with a piece of charcoal.
  • The gallery showed her watercolors, charcoal drawings, and landscapes of Mission San Juan Bautista.
  • It was charcoal drawing on the Civil War in Uruguay.
  • On the interior walls, life-size charcoal drawings suggested human residents.
  • The final charcoal drawing is entitled " Farm in Normandy " ( 1880 ).
  • In 1983, he published a portfolio collection of charcoal drawings from 1920 to 1950s.
  • "He mostly does watercolors and charcoal drawings, " she said.
  • The charcoal drawings were first discovered and documented in the 1920s by Ivor Evans.
  • On the other are exuberant paintings, pastels and charcoal drawings of families and lush landscapes.
  • Top among them was " 0 Through 9, " a 1961 charcoal drawing by Johns.
  • He was best known for his cont?and charcoal drawings reflecting of the African-American experience.
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