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charge account sentence in Hindi

"charge account" meaning in Hindicharge account in a sentence
  • The 5 % local match came from BLI Passenger Facility Charge accounts.
  • Most important, it offered credit, usually in the form of charge accounts.
  • You can enjoy it without a charge account at the pet shop.
  • "Didn't you have charge accounts at every store in San Francisco ?"
  • Around 325, 000 customers held Emporium charge accounts at that time.
  • In a charmingly old-fashioned vein, customers have numbered personal charge accounts.
  • Access charges account for $ 2.3 billion of NYNEX's $ 13.4 billion in revenue.
  • To prevent fraud, as is customary, her charge accounts were canceled when she died.
  • Stores that used to offer layaway plans now strong-arm customers into opening charge accounts.
  • Wasn't any time at all before I opened up a charge account for him.
  • "We ran an old-style grocery store with charge accounts and delivery service, " he said.
  • Knox opened charge accounts at Wal-Mart, Target and Sears.
  • She added, " It's like having an unlimited charge account at Saks Fifth Avenue ."
  • Retailers, too, push credit on customers by offering immediate discounts to those who open charge accounts.
  • A home improvement store was delighted to open a charge account to pay for the fence.
  • He opened a Burdines charge account without permission.
  • Most probably have a charge account there.
  • He added more advertising, improved the bank's appearance, added charge accounts, and had checks printed in Braille.
  • With little credit in town as yet, the Mastins cannot open a charge account with the company.
  • The blissful ease of charge accounts.
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