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English-Hindi > chauffer

chauffer meaning in Hindi

chauffer sentence in Hindi
1.You may be required to have some sort of taxi / chauffer licence.

2.The 100 drivers chauffer the ministers throughout Britain.

3.Neither the wife nor the chauffer were hurt.

4.Jim was told that a Bonnir and Clyde picture, with their chauffer is very rare.

5.The chauffer's residence ( built 1923 ) is a spacious timber house with a gabled roof.

6.Whaley said he had tried unsuccesfully to contact Sahnoun-even the chauffer's mobile phone was switched off.

7.The service is to offer shared cars with chauffer to facilitate home to office pick and drop on monthly basis.

8.Mexico radio station Formato 21 reported that the mayor appeared unhappy as he climbed silently into his chauffer-driven car.

9.The unanimous vote showed the maritime union was determined to add their weight to the other Australia-wide nuclear protests, union spokesman Sean Chauffer said.

10.The three men were abducted Thursday when hijackers stopped their chauffer-driven mini-bus as it traveled from the airport to their hotel in a northern suburb.

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