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English-Hindi > chaw

chaw meaning in Hindi

verb past tense: chawed   verb past participle: chawed   verb present participle: chawing   
chaw sentence in Hindi
1.Kalpana chaw las family foundation
कल्पना चावला फाउंडेशन परिवार

2.Kalpana chaw la(1 July,1971-1 February 2003)an Indian ,american space traveler a member in the space shuttle mission.
कल्पना चावला ( ) (१ जुलाई १९६१ - १ फ़रवरी २००३) एक भारतीय अमेरिकी अंतरिक्ष यात्री और अंतरिक्ष शटल मिशन विशेषज्ञ थी।

a wad of something chewable as tobacco
Synonyms: chew, cud, quid, plug, wad,

chew without swallowing; "chaw tobacco"

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