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English-Hindi > cheap edition

cheap edition meaning in Hindi

cheap edition sentence in Hindi

सस्ता संस्करण
cheap    सस्तापन कम कीमत पर
edition    प्रकाशन भाग
1.This venture was followed by the very cheap editions of kopecks.

2.These letters originally appeared in 1799, and were printed in cheap editions for Unitarian book societies.

3.Smaller publishers bought up the stocks of their former competitors at a discount and issued cheap editions.

4.Even so, to a perplexing degree, the scene still resembles some juvenile, cheap edition of Gilded Age privilege.

5.In 1811 William Cowherd invited him to Salford to superintend a printing office for cheap editions of Swedenborg's works.

6.It afterwards appeared in numerous cheap editions and by 1940 the number of copies sold had reached 250, 000.

7.On his return, he started a publishing house to publish his own works and those of his friends'in cheap editions.

8.Most were successful, but there could not have been a great deal of profit for the author from the cheap editions.

9.He also lost large sums of borrowed money in the publishing trade, attempting to capitalize on cheap editions of classical works.

10.It was only in 1847 when the Merriam-Webster Co . published the first cheap edition at $ 6 that dictionaries became commonplace.

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