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English-Hindi > chemise

chemise meaning in Hindi

noun plural: chemises   
chemise sentence in Hindi
1.Teddy : All-in-one chemise and tap pants.

2.Le stylo, le pantalon, la chemise, le livre.

3.Correct her, and you will soon have a chemise au jus.

4.Until the late 18th century, a chemise referred to an undergarment.

5.Small girls wore cotton drawers, cotton chemise, petticoats and stockings.

6.The neckline was square and might reveal the kirtle and chemise beneath.

7.He cited the fading of the chemise look after a decade as evidence.

8.Arvanite women were known for wearing a chemise shirt that was heavily embroidered.

9.Chemise : A sleep gown with no waistline.

10.That soon disappeared, revealing a silk chemise.

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a loose-fitting dress hanging straight from the shoulders without a waist
Synonyms: sack, shift,

a woman''s sleeveless undergarment
Synonyms: shimmy, shift, slip, teddy,

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