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English-Hindi > childlessness

childlessness meaning in Hindi

childlessness sentence in Hindi
1.The consequences of childlessness on mature, healthy females are also unknown.

2.But there are signs that childlessness now is often not by choice.

3.Her childlessness would be the greatest source of unhappiness in her life.

4.Among the elderly, childlessness can be a cause for social isolation.

5.Increased taxes on childlessness and on unmarried persons were enforced.

6.However, Frederick II also divorced Agnes due to childlessness in 1243.

7.The difficult subject of their childlessness is a theme in his fantasies.

8.The intent of the law was to discourage childlessness.

9.Also on account of Fernando's childlessness, his widow, Monz�n.

10.Childlessness may strike those who have children as an odd issue to rally around.

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