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English-Hindi > chiropterans

chiropterans meaning in Hindi

chiropterans sentence in Hindi
1.While protecting Saya, he is attacked by a chiropteran.

2.Is a Frenchman and the head scientist studying chiropterans for Cinq Fl�ches.

3.After escaping, he is again wounded by a chiropteran while protecting Saya.

4.Some Chiropterans consume nectar instead, for which they have acquired specialized adaptations.

5.In the manga adaption, George survives and is not turned into a chiropteran.

6.Both girls are revealed to be chiropterans.

7.Meanwhile, a third chiropteran reveals itself and begins making its way to the base.

8.The chiropterans trap them inside and attack.

9.David and Saya give chase and she manages to strike the chiropteran and mortally wound it.

10.The final chiropteran then decides to flee, attempting to stow away on a departing cargo plane.

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