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English-Hindi > chirpy

chirpy meaning in Hindi

chirpy sentence in Hindi
1.Instead, they'll have herbal drinks with chirpy names.

2.Bubbly, chirpy and sprightly Lakshmi fills the home with happiness.

3.They were pretty chirpy over at the court house today.

4.In a deeper sense, the continual chirpy wittiness undermines the book.

5.Dorsett was a cocky, chirpy player on America's Team.

6.Winfrey went on in a self-mockingly chirpy tone.

7.But there's little chirpy about this moody, disaffected outfit.

8.He said McKay was conscious and " quite chirpy.

9.Seeing her chirpy nature and vibrance, Sidhu begins to like her.

10.Are you here to vote ? " asks the chirpy poll worker.

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(birds or insects) characterized by or tending to chirp

characterized by liveliness and lightheartedness; "buoyant spirits"; "his quick wit and chirpy humor"; "looking bright and well and chirpy"; "a perky little widow in her 70s"
Synonyms: buoyant, perky,

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