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English-Hindi > chromatic contrast

chromatic contrast meaning in Hindi

chromatic contrast sentence in Hindi

chromatic    वर्ण संबंधी
contrast    अन्तर असादृश्य
1.Light and space are created by chromatic contrasts.

2.His landscapes were well received by Italian art critics, and praised for their chromatic contrasts and poetic tones.

3.The roof of the houses', gathered near to the shore, stand out from the green of the fields and create a chromatic contrast with Lake Garda's water which reflects the deep blue sky tonalities.

4.The mural contains abstract elements associated with the cosmos and with Mesoamerican architecture, with chromatic contrasts of red and black The work reflects Tamayo s interest in space during the 1950s, as well as a growing involvement with Mexican history.

5.The curator, Teresa Sacchi Lodispoto, commented " In a nightmarish atmosphere reinforced by a palette of chromatic contrasts of Goya-like memory and in equilibrium between bright chromatism and restrained sobriety, it is impossible to understand what, in effect, is revealed before the eyes of the viewer ".

6.His friend Enzo Lepore, renowned opera singer, stated :  Dossena & excels for the luminous harmony of the chromatic contrasts and he distinguishes himself for the expressive purity of his vigorous and original style & His paintings are fresh, palpitating, and rich with a vast conception and spirituality, in a frame of radiant and intensive colors & 

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