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English-Hindi > chromates

chromates meaning in Hindi

chromates sentence in Hindi
1.Chromate-based inhibitors give the mixture a characteristic yellow color.

2.Btw, Iron ( III ) chromate forms an insoluble salt.

3.The chromates and copper are rather unusual and pose a problem.

4.Weld-through, zinc-chromate priming is introduced.

5.In an aqueous solution, chromate and dichromate ions can be interconvertible.

6.Cells thus stained are filled by microcrystallization of silver chromate.

7.Beyond that, the chromate coating is then dissolved in unmasked areas.

8.ISO 4520 specifies chromate conversion coatings on electroplated zinc and cadmium coatings.

9.Exposure to zinc chromate can cause tissue ulceration and cancer.

10.Bituminous or zinc chromate primers can be used between copper and aluminum.

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