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English-Hindi > chromaticity

chromaticity meaning in Hindi

chromaticity sentence in Hindi
1.The CIE chromaticity diagram can be used to describe the gamut.

2.The figure to the side is a plotted rg chromaticity diagram.

3.From this follow the " xy " chromaticity values:

4.The Abney effect can be illustrated on chromaticity diagrams as well.

5.The figure on the right shows the related chromaticity diagram.

6.In chromaticity scales, lightness is factored out, leaving two dimensions.

7.Taking a cross-section of this cone yields a 2D chromaticity space.

8.This is why the rg chromaticity diagram extends in the negative r direction.

9.Image : Cie chromaticity diagram wavelength . png"

10.It decreases its lightness while nearly conserving its chromaticity.

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the quality of a color as determined by its dominant wavelength
Synonyms: hue,

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