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citizenries sentence in Hindi

"citizenries" meaning in Hindi  
  • Lighted, tinseled and glorious, it thrilled the local citizenry.
  • So he's altered his pitch to the American citizenry.
  • The Stop Turning Out Prisoner Act is important for our citizenry,
  • The citizenry is more willing to participate because they see results.
  • The citizenry is expected to sit on the sidelines and vote.
  • But with a concerned and educated citizenry, nothing is impossible.
  • Madison understood there is no democracy when the citizenry is ignorant.
  • It is in a politically alert, caring and engaged citizenry.
  • Because an armed citizenry is a protection against an authoritarian government?
  • Mayor Rudolph Giuliani said, urging the citizenry to remain calm.
  • Police are responsible for public safety, not an armed citizenry.
  • Another reason is a relatively well-educated and prosperous citizenry.
  • He also sensed certain cultural tensions at work among the citizenry.
  • A quickly mobilised citizenry persuaded them otherwise and the hornbeam survived.
  • Sicilian was the language of the parliament and the general citizenry.
  • Once rebooted the Worldmind began cloning the dead citizenry of Xandar.
  • This was the first recorded political action of the Speyer citizenry.
  • And the river encampment has its supporters in the citizenry.
  • The citizenry would expect the police to make those kinds of inquiries.
  • The same principle could apply to the citizenry at large.
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