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citizenship by descent sentence in Hindi

"citizenship by descent" meaning in Hindi  
  • This rules out the possibility of Australian citizenship by descent for a person born in Papua.
  • Born a U . S . citizen, Mobius was also entitled to German citizenship by descent.
  • Citizenship by descent, on the principle of jus sanguinis, is limited to only one generation born abroad.
  • If aged 18 or over, an applicant for Australian citizenship by descent must be of good character.
  • Have you tried to " get " her Citizenship via Form 118-Application for Australian citizenship by descent?
  • Surgeries are conducted by two Officers who receive applications for Emergency Certificates, Passports, Citizenship by Descent, and certification of documents.
  • Children born to Australians in New Zealand are granted New Zealand citizenship by birth as well as Australian citizenship by descent.
  • Australian citizenship by descent is not conferred at birth, and a child born outside Australia to an Australian parent must apply for citizenship.
  • The Act also provided for open-ended citizenship by descent and for citizenship by registration for the wives ( but not husbands ) of Irish citizens.
  • McIntyre's parentage means that he automatically qualifies as a triple Hungarian citizen, due to the latter two countries granting automatic citizenship by descent, regardless of place of birth.
  • To restrict the scope of those eligible for Canadian citizenship for the future, the new law limits with a few exceptions citizenship by descent to one generation born outside Canada.
  • Recent changes to India's Citizenship Act 1955 ( see Indian nationality law ) provide that Indian citizenship by descent can no longer be acquired automatically at the time of birth.
  • Persons who are born outside of Singapore and have at least one parent who is a Singapore citizen may register with a Singapore consulate within a year to acquire Singapore citizenship by descent.
  • Provided that if his / her father and mother both are the citizen of Nepal at the time of acquisition of the citizenship, he / she, if born in Nepal, may acquire citizenship by descent.
  • Either you will just apply for a New Zealand passport or you will apply for a Citizenship by Descent certificate, then apply for the passport .-- Popsracer 13 : 46, 21 Apr 2004 ( UTC)
  • The Act also restricted the open-ended citizenship by descent granted by the 1956 Act by dating the citizenship of third, fourth and subsequent generations of Irish emigrants born abroad, from registration and not from birth.
  • If the parent from whom the child derives citizenship is a Singaporean citizen by registration, the child will be granted Singaporean citizenship by descent only if they do not acquire citizenship of the country of their birth.
  • :You ought to be able to get a Citizenship by Descent by bringing proof of your mother's citizenship ( NZ passport or other documentation ) and proof that you are her child ( a birth certificate will do ).
  • Irish citizens seeking to become British citizens are usually required to live in the UK and become naturalised after meeting the normal residence and other requirements, unless they can claim British citizenship by descent from a UK born or naturalised parent.
  • A child born outside the city-state to a Singaporean mother and a foreign-born husband has to apply for the right to become a citizen, but a child born to a Singaporean husband and a foreign-born wife is given citizenship by descent.
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