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claim of privilege sentence in Hindi

"claim of privilege" meaning in Hindiclaim of privilege in a sentence
  • All have refused to turn over key information, citing claims of privilege.
  • There's nothing like a claim of privilege to drive us all crazy ."
  • The trial court found no fraud in the government's claim of privilege in 1953.
  • The state Supreme Court is set to rule shortly on two claims of privilege.
  • By waiving claims of privilege, the former president departed from his past practice concerning pardons.
  • "We're seeking only the legal arguments and legal bases for these various claims of privilege.
  • Courts have ruled decisively against Clinton's claims of privilege for conversations with political advisers and in-house lawyers.
  • But to the odious claim of privilege he has alleged, Gardiner and his band are manifestly not entitled.
  • Before the Bush order, the Archivist of the United States could reject a former president's claim of privilege.
  • "They have, in my mind, made claims of privilege that are far-fetched and should be rejected, " said Gillers.
  • What's more, Lindblom said, an unidentified Bliley aide told an industry lawyer that Bliley would reject any claim of privilege.
  • Whenever a claim of privilege is made, the person making the claim has the burden of showing that the privilege applies.
  • Did they fail to conduct a review of the documents sufficient to make a good-faith claim of privilege in the first instance?
  • Slowly but surely, we are unmasking the false claim of privilege made by those who are merely promoting generic abusive tax products,
  • Counsel Bruce Lindsey's work-product and testimony should be of interest now that the claim of privilege has been exposed as a sham.
  • _The Clinton administration's unique claim of privilege shielding the testimony of Secret Service officials who guard the president and the White House.
  • There were so many people in the meeting that the claim of privilege seems far-fetched, and anyway it violates the administration's promise to cooperate.
  • "To invoke totally phony and repudiated claims of privilege is, I think, very distressing and a failure to do his job, " he said.
  • Chief Judge Norma Holloway Johnson of the U . S . District Court in Washington rejected both claims of privilege in separate rulings last month.
  • Since Rule 34 compels production only of matters " not privileged, " the essential question is whether there was a valid claim of privilege under the Rule.
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