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cladogram sentence in Hindi

"cladogram" meaning in Hindicladogram in a sentence
  • Cladograms showing alternative possible relationships within Syndermata ( or Rotifera ).
  • Cladograms modified from Fig . 3, Lasek-Nesselquist 2012.
  • Differentiation occurs within groups, represented as branches in the cladogram.
  • The cladogram below follows a 2009 analysis by Zheng and colleagues.
  • The cladogram presented here is simplified from a study by Tetlie.
  • The following cladogram shows the relationship between various subgenera and sections.
  • Removal of " Asiaceratops " stabilizes the entire cladogram.
  • The cladogram is showing the phylogenetic position of Massetognathinae within Traversodontidae.
  • A cladogram that conforms to these requirements is a perfect phylogeny.
  • Some studies have produced cladograms in which the Deinopoidea are paraphyletic.
  • Some authors have challenged the phylogeny represented by the cladogram above.
  • Below is the cladogram from Turner and Sertich ( 2010 ):
  • Below are three alternate cladograms resulting from studies of azhdarchoid relationships.
  • Below is a cladogram of Loricata from Nesbitt ( 2011 ):
  • The page features a simple tree, called a cladogram.
  • The cladogram below was made according to the APG system of 1998.
  • The presumed lineages within Cetartiodactyla can be represented in the following cladogram:
  • The relationship between the subfamilies is shown in the cladogram;
  • Accepting their reclassification, the corresponding cladogram for Aspleniaceae is:
  • Below is a cladogram modified from Nesbitt ( 2011 ):
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