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English-Hindi > clairvoyants

clairvoyants meaning in Hindi

clairvoyants sentence in Hindi
1.Yet there are reasons to believe that Miller may be clairvoyant.

2.That doesn't make me clairvoyant, by the way.

3.Said Battle : " Those guys must be clairvoyant ."

4.And it's not because I'm clairvoyant.

5.Are we thrilled that House Speaker Newt Gingrich is clairvoyant?

6._What is the significance of Gibson Praise, the clairvoyant child?

7.How nice that school districts are hiring clairvoyants as principals and teachers.

8.This year, however, the quarterback made the coach look clairvoyant.

9.The Devils better hope Holik was not clairvoyant Wednesday morning.

10.He acknowledged using a clairvoyant and other informers to find the remains.

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