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English-Hindi > clam shell

clam shell meaning in Hindi

clam shell sentence in Hindi

अंजली डोल
क्लैम शेल
clam    तरी नमी क्लैम बड़ी
shell    सीप कवच खोली
1.On the black market, giant clam shells are sold as decorative accoutrements.

2.Also new was the " Glide-Away " clam shell style disappearing tailgate.

3.The painting showed a nude inside a form representing a clam shell.

4.He fashioned his design after watching boys skimming clam shells over water.

5.To prepare, cut the pitas in half so they look like clam shells.

6.They came from a clam shell, to provide company to a lonely creator.

7.The clam shell may be broken during this procedure, ruining it.

8.Said mouth plates are useful to crush clam shells and crustaceans.

9._There are no rocks in southern Louisiana _ clam shells, but no rocks.

10.A fountain featuring a giant clam shell graced the center of the garden.

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