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English-Hindi > cognise

cognise meaning in Hindi

cognise sentence in Hindi
1.Initially he portrayed real life in his works then got cognise as a symbolic writer.

2.The major portion of this Stabaka is devoted to the refutation of the Mimamsaka theory that valid cognition must be of an object not previously cognised.

3.The effects were of ten kinds, the earth, four elements and their qualities, colour etc . The causes were of thirteen kinds, the five organs of cognition, the five organs of action, the three internal organs, intellect, the ego principle and the cognising principle.

4."Abhimna " is the false sense of " I " and " mine "; it is because of the emphatic identity ( " abhimna " ) with one s body etc ., that there is " pramata " ( cognising subject ) and involvement with " pramnas " ( acts or processes of knowing, perception, inference and the rest ) owing to functioning of the senses as resulting from " avidy " ( ignorance ) and resulting in bondage.

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