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English-Hindi > coils

coils meaning in Hindi

coils sentence in Hindi

• कुंडलियां
1.Force, incidentally, has sentenced Coil to a lifetime contract.

2.Removing the front grill will give you access to the coils.

3.How was I to know refrigerator coils need room to breathe?

4.Pull the refrigerator out to vacuum the dust from the coils.

5.This action cools the coils and pushes the released heat outdoors.

6.Magnetic fields are created when electric currents flow through wire coils.

7.Coils with their firmness and stability are good for spinal alignment,

8.Depressing a key forces the magnets to move over the coils.

9.Because of its mass, the coil naturally forms a beehive.

10.You can't see the cooling coils chilling the room.

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