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English-Hindi > commodious

commodious meaning in Hindi

commodious sentence in Hindi
1.It is the fastest, easiest and most commodious of peppermills.

2.Inside, you can apply two words : commodious and cramped.

3.Thoughtful planning has produced a commodious building suited to its function.

4.The Blues will enter one commodious room to shed their street clothes.

5.The back seat is commodious; the trunk is huge.

6.The sedan was also notable for its rather commodious trunk.

7.The hospitals were commodious, and well equipped and conducted.

8.A  well built and commodious house on Union Street was purchased.

9.With the rear seat removed, space for gear and luggage is commodious.

10.The commodious bathroom had its own striking picture window above a big bathtub.

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large and roomy (`convenient'' is archaic in this sense); "a commodious harbor"; "a commodious building suitable for conventions"
Synonyms: convenient,

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