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commons dilemma sentence in Hindi

"commons dilemma" meaning in Hindicommons dilemma in a sentence
  • To wait or not-common dilemma among investors
  • It seems lawmakers came up with the easiest, most logical answer to a common dilemma.
  • Everywhere in Africa moral and humanitarian decisions are a common dilemma, with money the deciding factor.
  • Their common dilemma : How to maintain their identity as African-Americans within their Roman Catholic faith.
  • Here, from the Internet, is probably the most common dilemma that any untrained, novice woodworker faces:
  • But there are problems : A common dilemma at many companies is an " efficiency mentality ."
  • Experimental studies on commons dilemmas show that overharvesting groups are more willing to appoint a leader to look after the common resource.
  • This is a common dilemma for local phone companies these days, even ( or especially ) for giants like Bell Atlantic and SBC Communications.
  • Nations and corporations are dealing in vastly different ways with a common dilemma : How to improve the quality of life, yet stay competitive?
  • But they share a common dilemma-- how to fund favored programs while living up to mutual promises to put the Social Security surplus off-limits.
  • Commons dilemma researchers have studied conditions under which groups and communities are likely to under-or over-harvest common resources in both the laboratory and field.
  • In searching for solutions to a common dilemma, we chose three Tarrant County residents who are looking for, but having trouble finding, spare moments for regular exercise.
  • But, gradually, as the two start to realize their common dilemma, Valentin's resistance to his fey partner reluctantly gives way to a deeper friendship and affection.
  • The six countries _ Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, and the Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania _ are responding to their common dilemma in very different ways.
  • It is an increasingly common dilemma, as thousands of women find themselves caught in that cruel place where the rising age of childbirth meets the age-related risk of breast cancer.
  • Meeting host Nicolas Sarkozy said the small group of European Union members shares common dilemmas that require them to unite on their own _ even without the other states in the 15-country body.
  • The thrust of the meeting was to unite the small group of European Union members to discuss common dilemmas that allow them to work more efficiently than in the 15-country body, Sarkozy said.
  • Directors from Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia and Macedonia have been sharing thoughts on their common dilemmas during the 10-day Toronto Film Festival, which features 19 films in a special program on Balkan cinema.
  • It's a common dilemma, and Stewart faced it in front of millions on " America's Next Top Model, " where the participants were asked to do a nude photo shoot.
  • Sherman's facing a common dilemma in ethnic media : How to hold onto audiences that include American-born children of immigrants _ young people who speak English and are at once thoroughly Asian and American.
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