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commoner sentence in Hindi

"commoner" meaning in Hindicommoner in a sentence
  • We thought a commoner was a British subject without a title.
  • Michiko was the first commoner to marry into the imperial family.
  • They sit in the Lords alongside commoners given titles for life.
  • Also banished, were commoners and others opposed to Dutch rule.
  • Her bridegroom is a commoner, Raj Bahadur Singh, 29.
  • The snob does the acting and the commoner the music ".
  • The commoners were the owners of land in Killingworth and Longbenton.
  • He was demoted to commoner rank, and died soon thereafter.
  • He also exempted the Mongol commoners from taxation for two years.
  • Commoners might marry anyone, but nobles preferred to water buffaloes.
  • Commoners go, ?alu; nobles me?a; the king h?ele.
  • The remainder was divided and enclosed and passed to the commoners.
  • The whole dispute started because Celia married Clovis, a commoner.
  • Funeral carts carrying commoners would often leave the city through Xuanwumen.
  • Earls ) and commoners ( members of the privy council ).
  • The principle of equal representation of nobles and commoners was retained.
  • Such stories mostly borrow from deceptively simple subject matter : commoners.
  • At those times, no commoner would have been called herra.
  • Commoners were forbidden to use the same family names as nobles.
  • Still further south, flatter areas contained commoner houses and workshops.
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