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English-Hindi > compartmental

compartmental meaning in Hindi

compartmental sentence in Hindi
1.A simple deterministic ( compartmental ) model was formulated in this paper.

2.Where C ( t ) is the concentration ( see compartmental models.

3.For more information, see Compartmental models in epidemiology.

4.For peripheral operations, eight Compartmental Directions were created.

5.It is of a unique compartmental brutalism architecture.

6.The commonest assumption in compartmental modeling is that material in a homogeneous compartment behaves exponentially.

7.Similar methods have been used to study the spread of epidemics ( see Compartmental models in epidemiology ).

8.This Permanent Register Number will be useful to the candidates for writing the examinations under compartmental system in future.

9.A new testing platforms based on multi-compartmental perfused systems have gained a remarkable interest in pharmacology and toxicology.

10.Compartmental models that categorize host population into groups such as susceptible, infected, and recovered ( SIR ) are commonly used.

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divided up into compartments or categories; "most sciences have become woefully compartmentalized"
Synonyms: compartmentalized, compartmentalised,

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